Under this menu, you can create discount coupons/vouchers where you have a variety of options to set how the voucher should work.

Create/Edit voucher


What it does


Enter an appropriate name for the discount coupons. For example. "HP Campaign".

Valid from

Specify the date from which the voucher will be valid to use.

Valid to

Specify the date on which the voucher should be valid to use.


Enter a condition that needs to be met for the voucher to be usable. Keep in mind that if these conditions are not met, there will be no possibility for the customer to enter a code to receive a discount.

  • None = No condition needs to be met for a voucher to be used.
  • Revenue = Enter the minimum amount that the customer needs to shop for before the voucher can be used. 
  • Quantity = Enter the number of products that need to be in the shopping cart before the customer has the opportunity to use their voucher. Entered in integers, ex. "2".


Enter an option for the value of the voucher.

  • Discount, sum = Enter the value in GBP ex. VAT. Ex. "50".
  • Discount, percent = Enter the value as a percentage of the order value. Ex. "3".
  • Bonus product = Search for the product to be added free of charge if the conditions are met.

Code type

Specify what the code should look like and how it should be used.

  • General = This is used e.g. if it is to be reusable, e.g. if you are to include the code in a printed newspaper and thus impersonal. Also specify what the code should look like, e.g. "HP Campaign".
  • Unique = This is used if it is to be personal and if you want to create several unique codes. Enter the number of codes you want to have available. Specify how long the code length should be, e.g. "8". Then enter the code prefix that each code will start with, e.g. "HP".


Specify which products the voucher will apply to.

  • All = All products in the store.
  • Products = Specify which products the voucher will apply to.
  • Category/Manufacturer = Specify whether the discount coupon should only apply if the customer is shopping from a specific manufacturer and / or category.


Specify which customers the discount coupon will apply to. Normally it is all customers, but if you e.g. should make a refund, it is easiest to link the customer to the voucher.

  • All = All customers in the store.
  • Customers= Specific customers who are already in the shop.
  • Customer groups = Specific customer groups that are already in the shop.


When the shopping cart contains products or a sum of money that meets the conditions, a field is now displayed where the customer can enter their voucher.

After clicking "Save", you can then create and export codes if you have chosen them to be unique code types.

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