It is possible to create several profiling categories/pages. This feature can be used, for example, to clarify campaigns such as "HP Campaign" or "LG Race". The new page appears as a menu option in the Offer menu. The profiling page you created becomes selectable when you create a profiling on it. To link to this profile, use the URL that appears as soon as you click on the page.

Create/Edit Promotion page

To create a new campaign page, click "Create".


What it does


This is the name of the campaign page. Keep in mind that this is the one that will be visible in the shop under "Offer".


Specify the order in which you want the offer to be published. Lower number means earlier. If you have multiple campaigns that use image and or text as shown below, the campaign with the lowest sort will appear.

Include in all products menu

Include the promotions page in all products menu

URLThe URL for the promotion page can now be specified by the creator by using this field
ImageIf you want all products included in this promotion to be published with an image, you can upload such an image here.
Campaign textIf you want all products in this promotion to be published with a text in the product listing, you can enter that text here. For example, "Included in the HP campaign!"
Display campaign with

Here you will find four choices;

  • Nothing = Neither image nor text will be displayed anywhere in the shop.
  • Campaign text only = Displays text only and not image (if uploaded).
  • Image only = Displays image only and not text (if specified).
  • Campaign text and image = Displays both text and image if specified as above.

Do not forget to click on "Save & Close".

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