What are Image Overlays

Image overlays give you the ability to add additional images to a single product image or to multiple product images via a file upload - for example "Free Shipping" and any other offers you may wish to use.

How to create Image Overlays

Image Overlays can be found in Marketing>Image Overlays

You can create a new Image Overlay by selecting the "Create" button or you can choose to edit and amend any existing overlays you may have.

Image Overlay editor:

LabelThis allows you to give a name to your new Image Overlay

Upload the image you want to use for your overlay

PositionChoose where on the product image you wish for the overlay to sit - (see below diagram)*
SizeThis allows you to scale the overlay (as a %) to fit over the product image
Start DateAdd a start date for the image to appear
End DateAdd an end date for the image to no longer appear on the chosen product(s)

*Image Position (overlay grid)

Adding Products to your new overlay

Once you have saved your new overlay for the first time, you will be presented with additional options to add products either by searching for them in your store using a part number, or by uploading an excel file import

Connect Product:

Using this option you can then search for a part number and if available in your store, you will be able to connect this product to your new image overlay.

Connect products using Excel:

Using this option, you can connect multiple products at the same time:

Download the template and add the part numbers you wish to add to this image overlay. Then upload the file and the image overlay will be updated across multiple products. 

If you have existing products connected, you can use the functionality "full file import" to complete erase any existing products and upload a brand new set of products for the overlay, or if unchecked, you can add any products that are new on your latest import.


Use this feature to export a list of all the products connected to this "Image Overlay".

Remove all

Use this feature to remove all the products connected to this "Image Overlay".


Use this feature to link an existing "List of Products" to this "Image Overlay."


Use this feature to generate a new "List of Products." This new "List of Products" will be linked here and accessible in other admin areas for reuse.

Please note

If you have several connected "List of products" your updates should be made directly on the "List of products". 

Read more about "List of Products" .


Use this feature to detach the selected connected "List of Products" from this "Image Overlay."

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