Use this feature to create your own footer layout.

1) The footers are divided into columns where each column is created separately. First create a column with a name for you to view in admin and a label you want visible in the footer. Then set the sort order in which you want each column to be visible.

2) Under each column / section subcategories can be created.


What It does

LabelSet the lable to identify this Footer column agains any others you have created.
HeaderThis will be the headr or label for this column which will be visible in the shop.
Group identifierSections can be grouped together with this group identifier. Only one section per group will display for the customer, with customer connected sections being prioritized over non-customer connected sections. Leave empty to not include section in any group
Customer connectedEnable this to make this column customer connected (only visible to the customer(s) or customer group(s) you connect it to).
Sort orderSets the order of this column in relation to the other columns active in your footer (lowest number with be the left most column).
HTMLUse this field if you want to this column to be created in custom HTML. Can be used with or without the use of subcategory's (next section, see below).

3) Under each subcategory you can then link to URLs, complete with icons etc. 

Video guide available here: Page Footer

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