Our solutions are integrated with the leading suppliers to provide you with choices of what types of product you want to sell and the freedom to decide who to buy from. In the file below you can see who they are.
Please come back from time to time and check this page as we often add new suppliers and more of them are starting to offer the XML feed version for direct ordering.
All FTP and XML feeds, allow you full access to the supplier’s products, however only the XML feeds are fully automated. This means that if an order is placed in your shop you can send the order online directly to the chosen distributor who provides the service. FTP feeds on the other hand will require that you put the order through to that supplier manually. Please note: Suppliers can often only supply FTP feeds to customers without credit accounts.

Once you have selected from the list which feeds you want to use on your site and have set up your accounts, we will request the feeds on you behalf. We require the following information to carry out this process and submit our documentation to each distributor on your behalf. 

  • Supplier names
  • A confirmation email instructing us to request the feed on your behalf along with you (Account Number).
  • Your account managers name and contact details (if you have them, this makes the whole gathering feed process faster)

Any accounts that you have very recently set up may take an extra week or so to provide. This is due to the distributors internal process of account managers setting up the details on the system for IT departments to be able to produce a feed.


The supplier overview document is continuously updated and can be downloaded here.